Hi. Like all of you, I am currently crafting my way through this beautiful thing called life. Whether its walking along the dangerous cliffs of society or enjoying the amazing embrace of love. I am here to share my views on the trials, as well as the blessing, that life has to offer. My goal is to offer a second perspective to life and produce an opportunity that can change the way you live.

Like and share any content that you or somebody that you know can benefit from and please feel free to leave me any of your thoughts. Thanks for visiting!

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About Me

My name is Adam. This is my first attempt at blogging and I truly feel that this is the beginning of my calling. I have been through all walks of life and has experienced a lot in my days. From fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, to jumping out of planes and swimming with sharks. From cleaning up tables as a busser in a restaurant to finding bombs as a tactical explosive detection dog handler. I have done a lot and plan on do WAY more. So tag along while I continue this journey.

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