You are what you eat (Part 1)

You are what you eat (Part 1)

I’m sure all of you have heard the famous quote “You are what you eat!”, but how many of you understand what that actually means. Of course, the simple way of putting it is ingesting food as well as the food that your food survives off of. So if you eat bottom feeders, such as catfish and shrimp, then you are supposedly polluting your body with the trash that they eat. Now try dissecting that quote into your everyday life. Look around you. All you do from the time that you are born til the day that you find your resting place, you are injesting something. Absorbing every sight, sound, smell and putting meaning to it. What you eat. What you watch. What you touch. What you listen to. Everything affects your body and mind, and just like the trash that you are consuming into your body, you need to think about the other forms of trash as well. Look at todays society. Look at the people that you hang around with. Look at what you watch on the television. The music that you listen to. The crowd that you surround yourself with. Just like junk food. If you eat bad, you are more than likely going to feel bad later. Do that for a very long time and now you have bad things happen to your body. High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and the list goes on. If you feel yourself always in a bad mood, or always feeling negative and seems like drama surrounds you, look at what you are ingesting. Your friends. Your co-workers. Your spouse and even your family can be the reason why. 
If you surround yourself with trash, you will never get anything but trash.
I was told by an old friend “You wont know how bad you feel until you start feeling good!” I never really understood that until I journeyed into bettering my eating habits and going back to the gym. As soon as I started forcing myself out of bed and becoming active, all while eating better, VOI-LA, it hit me like two sumo wrestlers charging together with me direcclty in between them. I started feeling better and it was a feeling that I did not ever want to lose. I then started incoporating that into my everyday life. What is making me feel bad? I started looking at my surroundings. Looking at things that I could possiby change and then figuring out what I could do to change it. Hell, I was even looking at things that I felt I couldnt change, such as my jobs and worked on getting a better one. Slowly but surely everything started to get better and better and eventually my life started to go on autopilot and my ending destination would eventually lead me to pure happiness. What i mean by auto pilot is, everything happens for a reason. Once you start bettering yourself and doing for yourself, naturally the weaker cant keep up and is replaced with the strong. You will start noticing that the individuals that you currently hang out with will start drifting away. With that drift, you will be pushed into people that are doing what you are doing. Bigger and better opportunities will arise and before you know it, you will be looking back at where you were and not even realizing how you were ever so happy living that life style. This is the end of Part One, but to get a better idea of what I am talking aobut, Part Two is a story of a young man named Shane and how his life went onto autopilot.

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