Take the compliment

Ladies and gentleman, I would like to share something with you. I haven’t been expressing myself a lot lately via facebook due to a ton of life changes as well as and extremely busy  schedule but I have been noticing a fatal flaw with todays society and I would like to express my observations.
One of my jobs involves a lot of people watching. I can’t get into detail about it, but I am paid to watch people. Out of all my findings, I have come to realize that our society is extremely insecure. Insecurity can be derived from many things. It can come from your surroundings, such as friends and family. It can be taught to you from your upbringing and what you are use hearing and seeing. Those will take a lot of mental strength to overcome but one form, which I believe is the leading cause of insecurity is self made. I believe that we create a lot of insecurites because of how we react to certain events, and just like Newton’s third law “For everything action, there is an equa and opposite reaction.” This is going to be extremely blunt and a little rough compared to my previous posts but I believe that some stuff do not need to be sugar coated. Hold on tight.

First and foremost,TAKE A F***ING COMPLIMENT!!! Period. Take the damn compliment. Its not that hard. Why should a man be afraid to approach a girl and compliment her because of fear of how she will take it? Ladies. I understand that there are a ton of thirsty ass dudes in this world, but coming from me, there are just as many thirsty ass woman in this world as well. TAKE THE DAMN COMPLIMENT. When I get a compliment, I smile and say “Thank you”. If they then ask for my number and such, then I will tell them that I am not interested. If they persist then I act accordingly. PERIOD. I am so sick and tired of hearing women punishing a man for opening up to a woman about her beauty when all you have to say is thank you. Say “Thank you” and keep it going. He is not forcing anything into you by complimenting you, so why punish him? If he starts aggravating you and harassing you, then do what you got to do but don’t shut a man down because he wanted to tell you that your dress looks nice on you or you smell good. You don’t know his agenda. He may be complimenting you because his wife may have the same body shape and the next question is where you got it because she would look amazing in it. The man could possibly be gay and just felt like he should openly say that your eyes were breathtaking. I have seen dogs and cats with beautiful eyes. Didn’t mean I wanted to eat its vagina. Stop punishing men for complimenting you because what is going to happen is that men are going to not want to openly communicate to the next girl that she is beautiful, in fear that she’s going to shame him by either cutting him off saying that shes married, cut him off and say that her best friend that she’s walking with is her lesbian lover or worse, screenshot it and post it all over social media for people to bash them. How would your ass feel if you were attracted to me and I now posted it all over social media? Yea I blocked your name from the post, but YOU know that it was you and it hurts just as bad. I am sorry but I have compliminented plenty of married women and women that were in relationships that I never intended to even touch. Nobody knows what they are going through and maybe going out of your way to just tell somebody that they are beautiful may open their eyes that they are in a toxic relationship. WHO KNOWS? So before you start trying to shame people especially publicly, for your own benefit just take the damn compliment because 10 years from now, when everybody is scared to tell anybody that they are attractive, now your sensitive asses will then start assuming you are ugly and guess what? Insecurity! Fake breast. Fake lips. Fake asses and a ton of makeup to look like the people getting thousands of likes on their pictures, who don’t even look like those pictures anyways, because now you, as a society, ran off what you were wanting to begin with.

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