What is a Leader?

You got it just from the title. What is leader? Is a leader a job title that is given to you when you become a supervisor or boss? Is leader somebody who is older than you that is in charge? Or can a leader be found in something way more in depth? Can a leader be a young child with no experience at all but has the imagination that holds no bounds? Can a leader be the old man quietly sitting on the his rocking chair feeding the doves?

I have had this question for many years and throughout those years, I have learned that anybody has the power to be a leader. Whether it was a child on the playground playing by his/herself or that soldier on the battle field that has never been into a simple fist fight.

When asked what a leader is, I tend to look that person in the eye and say “You are.”. The reason is because we all have the ability to be a leader. A leader is somebody that can move you when you feel that you can’t go any farther. Somebody that gives you insight on your capabilities as a person. A leader is somebody who can make the unbearable weight of any situation seem like a small obstacle.

Everybody has the ability to be a leader. A leader can come in many shapes and sizes. The little boy with a vision to fly will take the first step into the unknown and clear a path to the creation of new type of airplane. That same little boy will do the hard work first and set expectations for the people who follow behind.

A leader is also somebody who boosts people up. Somebody that wants to see people succeed and guide them into the right direction by continuously pushing an individual to complete a goal to the best of their ability. A leader doesn’t lead by using fear tactics. A leader uses love and compassion as his/her super power. Instead of mushing, they instead step ahead and reward.

Leaders share what they have and produce other leaders in the process by means of setting an example. Constantly providing the tools that somebody needs by being a positive example of what to do, how to treat people and doing the hard work. To set the standard of what needs to be done.

A leader is that person that shines the light into the dark places and sets a path for everybody behind him/her. Placing landmarks to keep people on the path and instructions that make what seems impossible the achievable.

Ask yourself this. Have you ever had a leader in your life that you felt had horrible leadership skills. Write those qualities down and remind yourself that you will not follow conduct yourself in the same manner.

Now ask yourself if you a leader? If so, how are you a leader? Write the positive qualities down and continue building those areas regularly. Incorporate helping people who may have a hard time doing what you do easily. Give different perspectives on different situations and do what needs to be done and set the standard for everybody that will follow you.

What is a leader? You are!

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