You have a booger in your nose.

That scary moment when somebody tells you that you have a booger in your nose. That immediate feeling of embarrassment. Questions such as wanting to know how long it has been there, who else saw it and what they were thinking? Yes there are a lot of uncomfortable feelings that arise when somebody tells you … Continue reading You have a booger in your nose.

We need diversity, not hate.

While looking at the amount of division in the world today, I can’t help question why? Why can’t we get along? Why can’t we be friends? Why do we have so much fear for the people around us? Why do we have to think people are greater than or less than others because of the … Continue reading We need diversity, not hate.

Don’t be afraid of being alone. Embrace it.

I talked to my daughter the other day on video chat and she said that she wants to be as courageous as me. I asked her what she meant by that. She said that I'm not afraid of anything and it seems like she's afraid of everything. In the conversation I told her what my … Continue reading Don’t be afraid of being alone. Embrace it.

The Cure to Anger

We see a lot of pain and suffering in these days and it seems to me like a lot of it is self induced. We don't like being in pain, feeling upset, angry and full of misery but yet we cant do something as simple as changing our perspective on a lot that is around … Continue reading The Cure to Anger