Road to Recovery

On the early Monday morning of October 18th 2021, I was involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident. The paramedics arrived and rushed me to the hospital where I was put into emergency surgery. I woke up three days later and was completely broken. The accident was so bad that once I heard the full details, I was amazed at the fact that I was alive. The lord was truly looking over me. Once I made it out of the hospital, I decided to document my recovery.

During my healing journey, I am going to explain what my healing has consisted of as well as what I have learned. My goal is to show that obstacles in life will come but no matter the difficulty, we are capable to push forward. I want to use my story to inspire and motivate somebody to push past what is hurting them and holding them back from who they need to be.

Can’t Hurt Me

Bloganuary Writing Prompt 1/18/2022: What book is next in your reading list? I am actually in awe at the perfect timing of this prompt. Until now, I didn’t know that bloganuary was even a thing. The reason why the time is so perfect is because just yesterday I actually finished reading my book and today […]

Patience, Appreciation and Grace.

I have been flooded with positivity ever since my accident. I have had a lot of people telling me that they are proud of me and are shocked that I am pulling through so fast. Even doctors have told me that they are shocked to see how far I have come since the accident. I […]

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