You have a booger in your nose.

That scary moment when somebody tells you that you have a booger in your nose. That immediate feeling of embarrassment. Questions such as wanting to know how long it has been there, who else saw it and what they were thinking? Yes there are a lot of uncomfortable feelings that arise when somebody tells you … Continue reading You have a booger in your nose.

Be true at the beginning.

My entire life I have been chastised, talked about and judged because I was always one to open up early. I never quite understood why? Like I knew the reasoning from the people who judged me but to me, their reasoning didn’t make sense. I was even turned down on several dates because the woman … Continue reading Be true at the beginning.

Confidence and How I Got It

I questioned this post long before I began to write it. I had this little whisper in my ear telling me not to because it was going to make me come off as conceited and full of myself. I didn't know the words to say to not offend anybody and also not have people think … Continue reading Confidence and How I Got It