Being at the bottom is not always a bad thing.

I have had this conversation with countless friends, family and even strangers. When I bring this topic up I always get weird looks and its understandable. Our entire lives we have factored being on top as the way to go and being at the bottom was wrong. "You need to be the best this. You … Continue reading Being at the bottom is not always a bad thing.

Love is to be respected, not controlled

Earth, wind, water and fire are the greatest forces on our amazing planet. It brings life as well as takes it away. It can be as beautiful as it can be ugly. The earth doesn’t try to control these powerful forces but instead allows them to shape it into the magnificent beauty that we see … Continue reading Love is to be respected, not controlled

Loving yourself pushes you forward!

In my 33 years of living, I have been places that many haven’t been. I have been in situations that many haven’t experienced. I have also accomplished things that many haven’t accomplished. In that same breath, I have done things that damaged me. I have made choices that wasted time and burned bridges. I have … Continue reading Loving yourself pushes you forward!

Why does an ex become an enemy?

I know. The title seems very extreme. I’m sure many people dislike their exes and couldn’t imagine a scenario of how they could possibly be anything but enemies, but I think I got the answer. Of course, if the relationship ended on extremely bad terms such as physical and/or mental abuse, infidelity, stole something valuable … Continue reading Why does an ex become an enemy?

Bad can still be great

I learned one of the most moving lessons in my life while I was training to be a tactical explosive detection dog handler and it has pushed me into an amazing direction ever since. I was starting my second week of training at the Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana. It was an extremely cold … Continue reading Bad can still be great