Be true at the beginning.

My entire life I have been chastised, talked about and judged because I was always one to open up early. I never quite understood why? Like I knew the reasoning from the people who judged me but to me, their reasoning didn’t make sense. I was even turned down on several dates because the woman … Continue reading Be true at the beginning.

Dead man walking

During a eulogy at a funeral, a young woman speaks about her late husband. While she was on the podium she was describing who the man was. With tears rolling down her face she explains how he was the most loving person that she has ever met. That he would give the shirt off his … Continue reading Dead man walking

Trust and Communication The basis of a healthy relationship.

While there are many other areas that need to be worked on in a relationship, trust and communication are the two main areas that hold a relationship together. Without one, the relationship begins to weaken and will eventually end, losing everything else that goes along with it. There are family relationships, professional relationships, friendly relationships … Continue reading Trust and Communication The basis of a healthy relationship.